Top 20 Energy Drink Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a way to capture your crush’s heart and make them fall in love with you, then you need the right words, but you don’t how to find perfect pick up lines that make you stand out from the crowd. Then here are the best and cheesy energy drinks related pick up lines that will win over your crush’s heart in no time. So make an impression on your crush with your smooth moves. Enjoy.

Energy Drink Pick Up Lines

1. Girl, I got the G Fuel to light up your G Spot.

2. Are you an energy drink? Because you’re making my heart race.

3. Baby, a 5 Hour Energy won’t be enough for me to pleasure you all night.

4. Are you a coffee lover? How about some Starbucks Tripleshot?

5. I like my woman like energy drink, keeping me pumped up.

6. Girl, it’s not the drink, it’s how much Energy I put inside it.

7. I don’t need energy drink to keep me up all night, I just need you.

8. I would ask you to dance, but I need some sweet energy drink from you.

9. I’d rather be high on you than by this energy drink.

10. Are you Red Bull, because you are giving me wings.

11. I don’t need no Monster Energy, I already got a Monster in my pants.

12. Baby, you up for some Monster drink with me tonight?

13. Hey Girl, you want to ride this Red Bull tonight?

14. Babe are you an energy drink, because you keeping me up all night long.

15. Babe, are you caffinated drink? Because you giving me energy to keep going.

16. Hi you into energy drink? Because I am about to blow a pure shot of energy.

17. You don’t need no Celsius, because you are as hot as possible.

18. My love for you is like an energy drink, ready to go up anytime.

19. Do you want an energy drink? Maybe you want some Bang.

20. I got the Monster Energy you crave.

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