29 Inspirational Elijah Cummings Quotes on Hope & Justice

1. “I am not going to allow the president to be in jeopardy or his family.” ― Elijah Cummings

2. “Our children are the living messages we send to a future we will ever see… Will we rob them of their destiny? Will we rob them of their dreams? No – we will not do that.” ― Elijah Cummings

3. “I have a moral conscience that is real central.” ― Elijah Cummings

4. “The president’s assertion does not change the fact that the attorney general and the secretary of commerce are sadly in contempt.” ― Elijah Cummings

5. “We can not have people disobeying the law, the President is not above the law. And neither is Ms. Conway above the law.” ― Elijah Cummings

6. “You must have confidence in your competence.” ― Elijah Cummings

7. “You have to understand – I come from a neighborhood where ‘The Wire’ was filmed.” ― Elijah Cummings

8. “We will do whatever we have to do, using every tool that we have available, as we would with any subpoena now, to get her in.” ― Elijah Cummings

9. “I try to remind people that there are a lot of good people, all colors. Then there’s some bad ones, too. But there’s a lot of good people who really care.” ― Elijah Cummings

10. “They were irresponsible, incredibly disrespectful, and did not reflect reality.” ― Elijah Cummings

11. “I’ve told people many times that it’s not whether you will have difficulties … The question is how you deal with them.” ― Elijah Cummings

12. “Any little thing can spark the situation to get out of hand and we cannot afford that, we’re better than that.” ― Elijah Cummings

13. “You must have confidence in your competence … Most people who are hating on you, they are not worried about where you are. They’re worried about where you’re going.” ― Elijah Cummings

14. “Price gouging for drugs that treat cancer in children is simply unconscionable.” ― Elijah Cummings

15. “Most people who are hating on you, they are not worried about where you are. They’re worried about where you’re going.” ― Elijah Cummings

16. “I’m here for a season and a reason … I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but I’m here. And I’m going to make the best of it.” ― Elijah Cummings

17. “We need to act as fast as we can to create that diplomatic resolution so that we will not have this problem.” ― Elijah Cummings

18. “Tweets are not enough. We need real action and meaningful reform.” ― Elijah Cummings

19. “Our ultimate goal must be to serve the interest of the children and families of Flint.” ― Elijah Cummings

20. “Nelson Mandela said … the greatest person and the strongest person is the one who was able to hold their emotions in when they feel they should strike out. And I believe in that. If you ever hear me raise my voice, it’s because I believe that somebody is trying to get something over on me.” ― Elijah Cummings

21. “I’m going to try and make people realize that in order to live the life they are living, they need to have democracy, and it’s being threatened.” ― Elijah Cummings

22. “My life is based on pain, passion, and purpose.” ― Elijah Cummings

23. “It is a new day in our city, let the wheels of justice begin to roll.” ― Elijah Cummings

24. “This complaint reads more like political talking points than a reasoned legal brief, and it contains a litany of inaccurate information.” ― Elijah Cummings

25. “I’m going to do what feeds my soul.” ― Elijah Cummings

26. “From my own life experience, I can attest that we have come a long way toward universal justice in this country, but we are not there yet.” ― Elijah Cummings

27. “Every time something bad happens to me, I don’t ask the question, ‘Why did it happen to me?’ The question I ask is, ‘Why did it happen for me?’” – Elijah Cummings

28. “I’m going to do what feeds my soul…. And what feeds my soul is having these kinds of opportunities.” ― Elijah Cummings

29. “When you’ve got integrity, which Rod Rosenstein has, you don’t have to go figure out what a poll says, you just do what you know is right.” ― Elijah Cummings

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