Earth Day Quiz: 33+ Trivia Questions and Answers

Earth Day is a global celebration of nature’s wonders. And it’s our responsibility to protect nature we call our home. So why limit ourselves to one day of appreciation when you can celebrate it daily? Yes, you heard right; with these Earth day Trivia Questions and Answers you will connect with the environment on a deeper level.

Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered that will offer your a means to engage in meaningful conversations.

Earth Day Trivia

1. When is Earth Day?

Answer: April 22

2. Equinox Earth Day takes place when each year?

Answer: March 20

3. Which President signed the Paris Agreement?

Answer: Barack Obama

4. When did Google introduce their first Earth Day doodle?

Answer: 2001

5. A single tree produces enough air to supply in its lifetime for how many people for a year?

Answer: Four

6. What 1962 book about pesticides helped inspire the first Earth Day?

Answer: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

7. April 22 is the birthdate of which famous conservationist?

Answer: John Muir

8. For the first Earth Day, which singer sailed from New York City to Washington, D.C.?

Answer: Pete Seeger

9. Who wrote the Earth Day theme song?

Answer: Abhay Kumar

10. The first Earth Day was when?

Answer: 1970

11. What holiday followed Earth Day in 1972?

Answer: World Environment Day

12. The United Nations has what name for Earth Day?

Answer: International Mother Earth Day

13. Approximately how many people participate in Earth Day each year?

Answer: 1 billion

14. Which astronauts brought tree seeds with him into space that were later grown on Earth?

Answer: Stuart Roosa

15. How many indigenous people inhabit forests worldwide?

Answer: About 50 million

16. Which government organization was eventually founded as a result of the first Earth Day?

Answer: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

17. Who took Earth Day international?

Answer: Denis Hayes

18. Which U.S. president joined Gaylord Nelson for a multi-state conservation-themed tour?

Answer: John F. Kennedy

19. Earth Day’s founding was partially inspired by protestors against what?

Answer: The Vietnam War

20. Who started Earth Day?

Answer: Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin

21. When did Earth Day go global?

Answer: 1990

22. Which state’s senator is the father of Earth Day?

Answer: Wisconsin

23. Earth Day detractors argued that the first celebration was really to honor whose 100th birthday?

Answer: Vladimir Lenin

24. Who is recognized as the founder of Earth Day?

Answer: Gaylord Nelson

25. Which president created the EPA?

Answer: Richard Nixon

26. How many college campuses participated in the first Earth Day?

Answer: About 1,500

27. When did the Clean Water Act pass?

Answer: 1972

28. What region on Earth produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen?

Answer: The Amazon rainforest

29. How many people attended the first Earth Day rally in New York City’s Union Square?

Answer: 20,000

30. How many countries (so far) have celebrated Earth Day?

Answer: 192

31. Most of Earth’s breathable air comes from where?

Answer: The ocean

32. Gaylord Nelson was moved to create Earth Day after which disaster?

Answer: Santa Barbara oil spill

33. What is the theme of Earth Day 2023?

Answer: Invest In Our Planet

34. The first Earth Day was recognized by how many people?

Answer: 20 million

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