17 Dropped Something Pick Up Lines

It can be nerve-wracking if you want to show interest in someone without being too forward. Cause It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to say, so you don’t need to confuse now. Here are the best and cheesy pick up lines on dropped something that will help you break the ice and start a conversation with someone you have your eyes on.

These lines are funny and playful, which will get the conversation flowing. Enjoy.

Dropped Something Pick Up Lines

1. Babe, the only thing I ain’t dropping is my standards. And that is why the only one I want is you.

2. Hey I think you dropped something, my standards nice to meet you.

3. The only thing dropping tonight is our clothes, not our standards.

4. Did you drop something yet? Because you are about to drop your panties for me.

5. Do you like role playing? Because I want to hit on you until your loot drops.

6. Did you drop something? Oh sorry, that was just my jaw.

7. Girl, you dropped something…My pants.

8. Excuse me, you dropped something. Your standards. Hi, I am just right for you.

9. Did you drop something? *Hand her your phone number.

10. You dropped something today…Your smile.

11. Baby, I think you dropped something, Hopefully, your standards.

12. Are you an app? Because your life isn’t complete until I drop my plugin.

13. Girl, you just air dropped into my world.

14. Babe, what did you drop? Because I am about to pick you up.

15. Excuse me I think you dropped something, Hopefully, it’s your expectations for tonight.

16. Is your mom in the air force? Cause she dropped the hottest bomb.

17. Babe, did you drop something? It’s a VIP ticket to breakfast in bed at my place.

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