130 Detective Team Names: Best Detective Agency Names

A detective team is a group of people who work together to solve crimes or other mysteries. They all have different skills and experience in the field and they work together as a team to solve cases.

Many different factors go into choosing a good detective team name. Some of the importance of this naming convention can be seen in the following cases:

  • When they are investigating a murder, detectives may need to know who did it and what their possible motives were.
  • When they have found a suspect, they need to know who else could be involved in the crime.

Detective team names help with finding suspects and solving crimes. They also help with identifying suspects when there are multiple suspects involved in the same case.

Here we’ve compiled a list of unique Detective team names that you’ll like. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Detective Team Names

Conspiring Forces

Arsenic & Lace

Sherlock Bones

Peace of Mind

Top Secret!

Shadow Secrets

In the Shadows

Hunting for Clues

Sherlock’s Circle

Give it Arrest

True Detectives

Primal Suspects

The Irregulars

Meddling Kids:

The Amateurs

Hidden Clues

Curious Minds

We Find

The Sneakers

Espionage Experts


The Private Eyes

Suspense Sequence

The Detective Eyes

Spy Game


The Risk Takers

Stink Bombs

Undercover Agents

Win Diesel

reference to Scooby Doo

The Clueless



Poirot’s Little Grey Cells

Defective Detectives

Detective Agency Names

Never Outwitted

The Bounty Hunters

Decoder Division

The Deer Stalkers

Cloak & Dagger

Look Alive!

Justice Finder

Investigatory Services

Case of the Runs

Private Eye Posse

Mystery Solvers


Double Jinx

Not Fast, Just Furious

Sherlock’s Army

Fried Brains

In Disguise

Goal Diggers

Background Check

Stake-Out Squad

Secret Service Inc.

Network of Deception

Fingerprint Force

Detective Secret

Detective Group Names

Sleuth Society

Truth ChasersSquad

The Informers

Scheming Supervillains

Detective Squad

Careful Watchers

Spies in Disguise

Precision Patro

Laser Security

The Super Sleuths

Decoding Department

Death Becomes Us

Rigor Mortis


The Prime Suspects

Mission Possible

Team Scotland Yard

Cool Detective Names

Marple’s Matrix

The Inquiry Agents

Looking for Clues

Miss Marples Hat

Dionysius Security

Clue Chasers

The Frying Squad


CSI [your city]

The Secret Service

The Musketeers

Hidden Clues Finder

The Baker Street Irregulars

for example, CSI Greenville

Funny Detective Names

Bounty Hunters

Sluggish Sleuths

Mystery Men

Invisible Intruders

Axis Security

Clue Hunt

Holmes Private

Critical Failures

Spying Agents

Watchmen Patrol

The Detectives

One Unit

Creative Detective Team Names

Trash Talkers

Spies In Disguise


The Clue Crew


Top Secret Service

Justice World

Danger Mouse

Enola Holmes Mysteries

Case Closed

Fact Hunt

Maxx Security


Hungry Hippos

Clue Finders


Good Detective Names

Lazy Asses

Natural Suspicions

Cracking Cases and Codes

Expert Examiners


The Usual Suspects

Interesting Investigations

Gumshoe Co

Active Acquisitions

The Truth Seekers

Truth Enforcers

Arms of the Law

How to Choose the Best Detective Team Name – 3 Rules and Tips

The most important thing to remember is that you should choose a name that will be memorable and make people want to know more about your team.

Here are the Top 3 Tips for a good Detective Team:

  1. Unique – this is an important factor that can make or break your detective team name. If you pick a name that is too common, people will not be able to remember it easily and might get confused when they see your team name on your website or social media page.
  2. Catchy – this is another important factor that can make or break your detective team name. If you pick a catchy name, people will remember it easily and associate with it more easily than if you picked a boring one.
  3. Meaningful – this is the third important factor that can make or break your detective team name. You want to pick a meaningful name so people feel

Here are Rules 3 Tips for a good Detective Team:

Rule 1: The first rule to follow when choosing the best detective team name is that it should be a word of two or more syllables. This will make it easy for people to remember and pronounce.

Rule 2: It should be an unusual word, one that might not have been used before in any other context. This will make it unique and memorable.

Rule 3: It should be a word with positive connotations – something like “The Blue Knights” or “The Good Guys”.

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