Top 40 Daughter Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart

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Daughters are said to have unconditional love for their parents and are often willing to do anything for them. They may feel as though they somehow owe their parents a debt of gratitude because they gave them life.

The amount of love a child has for their parents is often linked to how their parents express and show it. This makes it important for parents to be aware of their children’s need to grow up loving them. It can be anything from spending time with them, being there when they need you, or showing them unconditional love in difficult circumstances.

Check out these heart-touching quotes to celebrate your connection with her. Heart-touching quotes give you a chance to be more emotional and provide hope in tough times.

40 Daughter Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart

“A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.” ― Unknown

“There’s no better feeling than making your little girls laugh.” ― Jerry O’Connell

“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous… full of beauty and forever beautiful… loving and caring and truly amazing.” ― Deanna Beisser

“Daughters are angels sent from above to fill our heart with unending love.” ― J. Lee

“When my daughter says ‘Daddy I need you!’ I wonder if she has any idea that I need her billion times more.” ― Stanley Behrman

“A daughter may outgrow your lap but she’ll never outgrow your heart.” ― Unknown

“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.” ― LaurelAtherton

“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous…full of beauty and forever beautiful…loving and caring and truly amazing.” ― Deanna Beisser

“The more a daughter knows the details of her mother’s life… the stronger the daughter.” ― Anita Diamant

“Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love. ” ― Margaret E. Sangster

“To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.” ― Euripides

“The most precious jewels you’ll have around your neck are the arms of your daughter.” ― Altaf ul qadri

“A daughter is a treasure- and a cause of sleeplessness.” ― Ben Sirach

“You are my angel, you remind me of the goodness in this world and inspire me to be the greatest version of myself.” ― Steve Maraboli

“Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla.” ― Jim Bishop

“Absolutely, I don’t believe in rules. As I tell my daughter when she is mischievous, ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.” ― Nia Vardalos

“A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.” ― Unknown

“Who can describe the transports of a beam truly parental on beholding a daughter shoot up like some fair and modest flower, and acquire, day after day, fresh beauty and growing sweetness, so as to fill every eye with pleasure and every heart with admiration?” ― George Fordyce

“A daughter is a bundle of firsts that excite and delight, giggles that come from deep inside and are always contagious, everything wonderful and precious and your love for her knows no bounds.” ― Barbara Cage

“I tell my daughter every morning, ‘Now, what are the two most important parts of you?’ And she says, ‘My head and my heart.” ― Viola Davis

“A daughter will follow in her mom’s footsteps so make sure to set a good example.” ― Elizabeth George

“The relationship between parents and children, but especially between mothers and daughters, is tremendously powerful, scarcely to be comprehended in any rational way.” ― Joyce Carol Oates

“I’ve come to understand that art is awesome and beautiful because it’s a reflection of life – but it’s just a reflection, and the real thing is my daughter.” ― Chance the Rapper

“Patience, my daughter, learn patience, and life will be easier.” ― Catherine Pulsifer

“Daughter are angels sent from above to fill our heart with unending love.” ― J. Lee

Raising a daughter is like growing a flower. You give it your best. If you’ve done your job well, she blooms. And after that, she leaves.” ― Unknown

“We gotta start teaching our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s.” ― Kifah Shah

“A daughter is one of the best gifts this world has to give.” ― Laurel Atherton

“We gotta start teaching our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s.” ― Kifah Shah

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” ― Clementine Paddleford

“A daughter is God’s way of saying “thought you could use a lifelong friend.” ― Unknown

“Daughters can sometimes be too serious, teach them to laugh and not take life too seriously.” ― Catherine Pulsifer

“Do not forget to tell your daughters God made them beautiful.” ― Habeeb Akande

“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.” ― Unknown

“I will let my daughter do whatever her heart wants. I will support her and guide her and give her all the knowledge that I have because I want her to succeed in whatever she loves.” ― The Miz

“Women are in a position now to voice their opinion… women are getting empowered. The more power they get, the more voice they get to shift certain things around. Now I have a daughter, I understand. When I didn’t have a daughter, I didn’t understand.” ― Snoop Dogg

 “What’s important for my daughter to know is that… if you are fortunate to have opportunity, it is your duty to make sure other people have those opportunities as well.” ― Kamala Harris

“If daughters couldn’t soften a man, then nothing would.” ― Linda Weaver

“An undutiful daughter will prove an unmanageable wife.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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