245 Dance Team Names for Your Dance Squad

Teams need to choose the right team name. If they pick the wrong name, it could cause them to lose out on opportunities or even lose members because people are not interested in the team.

In dance, there are many things to consider when choosing a team name. One of the most important factors is how catchy the name is. It should be something that people will want to remember and shout out.

There are also other factors such as how well it represents your team, what it means to you, and what your brand stands for.

A good example of a team name that works well for both these aspects is “The Step Up” because it is catchy and represents the fact that they are always stepping up their game in competitions.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool dance team names that your team will like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Dance Team Names

Glowing Heat

Woozy Walkers

Daring Diamonds

Dancing pillars

Lady Shufflers

Bop Til U Drop

Glitter Garnets

Dancers Divine

Dancing free

Elite Movement

spirited Wazzy

Glitter Stars

The Legacy


Twirling Dolls

Fiery Flamingos

Lady Movers

Spice Angels

Jalapeno Hotties

Twerk Queens

blues Down

Music Breathers

Twinkling Stars

Philippine All-Stars

Heavenly traveller Feet


fireplace Starters

Fluttering Butterflies

The Tornados

The Dancin’ Dolls

Thundering Kidz

Floated Spirits

The Stingers

Funky Monkeys

Soul Sisters

Justice Crew

Delicious Dancers

Dance & Drill

Blazing Flamingos

Perfect Pearls

Rabbit Dancers

Keep Calm & Dance

Team Two Step

Blazing Heat

Funks & Monks

Shimmering Pearls

Music Maniacs

Twirling Queens

difficult Dolls

Sinful Synergy

Soulful Shakers

Swing Squad


Rhythmic Ringers

Sweet Disasters

Tip high Movement

Fly Girls

Dancing Divas

Diamonds of dance

The Blaze

Freaky Bears

Flitter Girls

Girls of the Galaxy

Big Bang Buddies

Candy Kickers

High Steppers

Silver Sparklers

Black Fire

Catchy Dance Team Names

The Go-Go Girls

Super Sparklers

Tango Tribe

Kingdom Krew

Lil’ Divas

Liquid Gold

agitated Roses

Doomsday Divas


Funky Femmes

Salsa Swings

Scrambled Legs

The Savages

Tune tracker

Soul City

Rugged moves

Heart and Soul

Golden Groovers

Groove Express

Classical Mermaids

Fanny Pak

Shooting Stars

Black Panthers

Dance Bugs


Tempo Masters

Ice Breakers

The Dazzlers

The Extremes

The Plug


Supreme Beings

Truing beats

Thunder Crew

Sugar Girls

dear Shakers

Bumble Bees

Dream Team

Flaming arrows

Ignited Spirits

Dancing Queens

Divine Dancers


Dirty Dancers

Raging Roses

Flower Power


Dance Blasters

Crazy Femmes

Inspiring Dance Team Names Ideas

Rhythmic Thunder

Hot Shots

Blue Sapphires

Athletic Apes

Dancing Crystals

Darling Divas

Knight Moves

Rhythmic Eagles

extreme moves

Dance Princesses

Move Makers

Crazy cats

Blazing Stars

Spirit in Motion

Sparkling Jewels

Funky Fellas

Leap of Faith

Boogie Woogie Ladies

Hot Coals

Klassy Kats

Heat Emitters



Cherry Boomettes

Big Trouble

Doll Dynasty

Skipping Pearls

dance entry

moderate moves

The flash

Sweet and Sweaty

Jumpin’ Jills


Calamity Janes

Dance & Dazzle

Groovy Boyz


Rising stars

Sun Dolls

sure to Dance

The Pursuit of Tappiness

Banging Beats

Dance To Glorify

dance is life

Cool Dance Team Names

Heart Breakers

Nae Naes

The Eyeliners

Sole Sisters

Magic Feet

Daring Dolls


Dancing Clouds

The Fit Dancers

Naughty Moves

Amplified dancers


Party Rockers

Theory of Step

Shake it Up

Spirit Dancers

Glowing Girls

Mystical Steps

Victoria Secrets

Consuming Fire


Dazzling Divas

Star Boyz

Angel Feet


Crude Hood Machine

The Fly Fellas

Juicy Krew


Feisty Femmes

Perfect pearls

Groove n’ Glam

Dancers of the Ring

Another World

Dangerous Dames

Sleek Sliders

Hip Hop Hustlers

For The Culture

Dab Dancers

Funky Angels

Dance Dynasty


Impressive Dance Group Names

Power Grooves

Mystical Melody

Ancient Groove Theory

Ballerina Babes

Blue lemon

Dance Divine

Dazzling Stars


Jack Attack

Mighty Leapers

Destined To Dance


The Polka Dots

Feisty Falcons

Divas moves

Boogie Babes

Crazy Cats

Sparkle Crew

Jubilee Squad

The Royal Family

Hops Scotch

Rocket steps

Catching Fire

Too Hip Hop

All Stars

Rare Rubies

Revived to Dance

Sonic Boom

Dancing Jewels

Blue Moon

Bunny Dancers

Body Breakers

Dancing Rockets



Purified Invasion

Golden Glam

Jammin Jewels

Glowing Stars

Purple Sky Dancers

Wicked Limbs

Rhythmic Squad

Next Level Dance

Things to Consider When Naming a New Dance Team Name

The most common questions that come up when deciding on a new team name are “What does the name mean?” and “Is the name appropriate for our dance style?”

When naming your team, it’s important to keep in mind these questions.

1) What does your target audience like?
2) What is your goal?
3) What other dance teams are doing?
4) Does it have any negative connotations or associations?

Steps to Choosing the Best Dance Team Name

Choosing the right dance team name can be hard. Well, there are many ways to choose a dance team name. The first step is to find out what your purpose is. And the second one would be to find a name that has meaning and significance for the team, the school, or the community.

The following steps will help you choose the best dance team name:

  • Consider what your audience might be interested in – if you want to attract more fans, consider using words that are related to your style of dance or the type of music you perform.
  • Think about how your name will resonate with people – if you want to make sure it’s memorable, use words that have multiple meanings or connotations.
  • Consider how your name will look in print – if you don’t like how it looks, consider changing it!

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