39 Most Inspiring Dan Pena Quotes On Success

1. “Progress often masquerades as trouble.” ~ Dan Peña

2. “Don’t focus on mistakes, focus on the positive “next time”!” ~ Dan Peña

3. “I’ve never seen a “part-time” super successful, high-performance person.” ~ Dan Peña

4. “Don’t focus on mistakes; focus on the positive next time.” ~ Dan Peña

5. “Hunger makes beasts of men and demons of beasts.” ~ Dan Peña

6. “Business deals start and end with people – the interaction of flesh and blood, bone and sinew, heart and mind, emotion and soul.” ~ Dan Peña

7. “Don’t be a loser.” ~ Dan Peña

8. “The more you investigate, the less you have to invest.” ~ Dan Peña

9. “A deal is either hot – or it’s not.” ~ Dan Peña

10. “Always shoot for the moon. Even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye, you’ll at least get 80 percent.” ~ Dan Peña

11. “A deal has to sound good before it is good.” ~ Dan Peña

12. “Don’t under any circumstances, ever, second guess yourself.” ~ Dan Peña

13. “People that read books don’t take action!” ~ Dan Peña

14. “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!” ~ Dan Peña

15. “If you want things to change, first you have to change.” ~ Dan Peña

16. “People with low self-esteem protect themselves by not taking risks. High self-esteem gives you the power of confidence to take chances.” ~ Dan Peña

17. “The only difference between a Champ and a Chump is ‘U’.” ~ Dan Peña

18. “The older you get the less you are surprised.” ~ Dan Peña

19. “Ask and you shall receive.” ~ Dan Peña

20. “Your most valuable natural asset is your own gut instinct. Don’t be afraid of it. your instinct has more power than all of the conventional wisdom in the world.” ~ Dan Peña

21. “Don’t waste time on things you can’t change!” ~ Dan Peña

22. “Dream big, Think big, Be big.” ~ Dan Peña

23. “I’ve never seen a ‘part-time’ super successful, high-performance person.” ~ Dan Peña

24. “Just do it!” ~ Dan Peña

25. “Any problem solved will be replaced immediately by a larger more complicated one!” ~ Dan Peña

26. “You can’t have a dream come true unless you have a dream.” ~ Dan Peña

27. “Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential.” ~ Dan Peña

28. “The difference between a failure and a high-performance individual is how each deals with fear. We are all afraid.” ~ Dan Peña

29. “Stop playing to lose. Play to win.” ~ Dan Peña

30. “Never ever share your doubts.” ~ Dan Peña

31. “Dream Big, Think Big, Be Big!” ~ Dan Peña

32. “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” ~ Dan Peña

33. “Even when one thoughtfully and judiciously plans, more often than not, such plans are overcome by external events. Therefore, never underestimate how wrong you can be!” ~ Dan Peña

34. “Quantum Leap success means fishing with nets, not just with lines.” ~ Dan Peña

35. “Don’t just work longer hours, ‘staying busy’ as most other people do. ‘Work smart’ — i.e. Stay productive and don’t get distracted.” ~ Dan Peña

36. “Cash only prolongs death. It doesn’t avoid it.” ~ Dan Peña

37. “Tough times don’t last – tough people do!” ~ Dan Peña

38. “Hunger makes beasts of men and demons of beasts.” ~ Dan Peña

39. “We must all remember life doesn’t have to be fair for us to succeed if we take change and become masters and creators of our own destiny!” ~ Dan Peña

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