300+ Catchy Crochet Business Name Ideas

A crochet business is a type of crafting business. It is often run from home, where the crocheter makes items and sells them to customers who visit their home or shop. It can also be run from an online store, where you can sell your products to customers around the world.

Here we’ve compiled the list of unique and creative Crochet business names that will surely spark some creativity in you and help you stand out from the competition.

Crochet Business Names

Crochet Crimson

Knit n Needle

Monarch Knitting

Stitches Of Joy

Great Yarns

Crochet Centric

Knitting Sisters

Knits & Knots

Stitch A Stitch

Avenue Yarns

Twisted Skein

Fine Yarn Stitch

Naked Sheep Yarn

Crochet Momento

Knits And Pieces

Stitch O Philic

Pattern And Love

Crafting Wheel

Crochet Store

Crochet For Days

Knit One


Crochet Plenty

Swift Stitch

Yarn To Masterpiece

Hook Best

Shiny Threads

Crochet Closet

Yarn Palace

Yarns And Yards

Knit Collage

Crochet In A Box

Rapid Hookers

Crochet Saga

Twist And Turns

Another Yarn

Yarn Holic


Quick Stitch

Stitches And More

Wrapped In Warmth

Hook N Nook

Crochet Loop

Yarn And Apparel

Crochet Capes

Crochet Mates

Crochets Corner

Yarn Magic

Yarning For You

The Stitchery

Makia Creations

Yarning Hearts Crochet

Hook The Love


Crafty Crochets

Crochet Company Names

Gold Needlework Co

The Knotty Otter

Home Sweet Crochet

So Much Yarn

The Little Knittery


Putting With The Knits

Circle Of Stitches

New England Roses Crochet

Phoenix Knits


Yard By Yard

Ornament Dreams

Crochet Attic

All Wrapped Up


Crochet All Day

Daisy Cottage Crochet

Crystal Swing

Shade Sense

Knit Creations

Magnetic Interlock

Knit And Stitch

Crochet Zipped

Jax Joon


Cotton And Wools

Knots for Knits

Yards Of Yarn


Crochet Measure

Downtown Yarns

Out There Hooks

Yarns In The Farms

The Stitch House

Crafty Crochet

Appreciate Crochet

Yarns Yum

Square Yarn Group

Crochet City

Granny’s Attic

String Thing Studio

Crochet Knit


Crochet Charisma

Fabric Fun

Stitch N Peace

Magnetic Rag Rug Co

Busy Knits

Butterflies Unlimited

Success Stitches

Crochet Spot

Hannah’s Needle Arts

Baby Crochet Business Names

Blazing Needles

Cuddly Capers

Soft Threads

Baby Cuddlers

By the Hook and by Hand

Creativity Crochet

Crochet and Babble on

Crochet Question

Splash of Love

Pretty Little Purls

Betty’s Dolls

Baby Knots


Hooks And Loves


Crochet Carriers

Fabulous Fingers

Oddball Crochet Co.

A Tender Touch

Crochet Girl

Emma’s Stuff

Tiny Crochet

Tiny Toes Co.

Crochet Dreamz


Moms and Crochet

Knit Wits

The Creative Crafter

Crochet and Play

Mood Fabrics

Desert Threads

Alice’s Crochets

Stitches and Snuggles

Poof-Puff Designs

Texas Art

Baby Can’t Stop Crochet

Crochet Diva

Baby Crochet Hats

Appa’s Attic

Crochets by Unique

Pink Elephant

Little Lace Maker

Blankets Galore

Crochet Couture

Neddle Nook

Buttons N Bows

Knit Pops

Amy’s Handmade

Baby Crochet Boutique

Snuggle Bugz

Off The Hook

Rosa’s Craft

Comfort Crochets

Little Yarn Shop

Naomi’s Crafts

Threads of Love

Baby Crib Customizations

Knitting Post


Crocheting Craze

Cuddle Me Pearls

Knotty City

Crochet Korner

Color Me Mine

Simple Baby Knits

Happy Baby Patterns

Hooked on Crochet

Little Crochet Club

Lovely Loops

Kiddie Kouture

Crochet for the Soul

Handy Hookerd

Crystal Babies

Needle House

Momma Knits Too

Little Miss Patchwork

Snuggles with Mommy

Sally’s Calico

Yarn Babies

Warmly Woven

Yarn Me Up

Creative Crochet

Little Loveys

Stitches with Love

Baby Bunnies

Crochets To Cuddle

Snow Day Crochet

Cute Crochet Company Names


Babylon Yarns

The Crochet Lounge

Stitch Therapy

Yarns of Brave


Splendor Knits

Azure Of Knits

Crochets ‘n More

Hook Line & More Crochets

Crochet Boutique

Entre Crochetory

Hooked on Babies

Knitting Fairy

All Things Baby

All Things Crocheted

Four Winds Artful Living

Crochet Pastels


Knit Palette

Treasure Weaves

Artsy Crochets

Creative World of Crochet

Cozy Hearts

Weave And Give

Crochet Time

Crochet and Threads

Shower Loops

Abode Of Stitches

Crochet Carousel

Crazy for Crochet

Crochet Magic

Exotic Knits

Exquisite Knittings

Catchy Crochet Business Names

Crochets For You

Celestial Knits

The Crochet Loft


The Handmade Crochet

Knit Knit

Minimal Crochets

Yarns In The Square

Knits And Moods

Crochet Touch

Needle Arts

Beyond Threads

Premium Crochets

Knitty Love

Just Knits

Knitted With Care

Loop By Loop

Feels And Knits

A to Z Hand Crochet

Yarns And Turns

Stitch Boutique

Knit It Up!

My Little Crochet

Cleveland Crochet

Yarn It All

Knits Fits

Yarn Shoppe

Knit Me Some

Queen Crochet

Weavers Assemble

Lucky Yarns

Handy’s Needle

Yarn Farm

Yarn Your Way

Handmade Stitches

Beauty Galaxy

Knitting Fitting

Stitch Mania

Weave Me Up

The Art Of Yarns

Everything Crochet

Rainbow Shops

Yarns Hut

Unique Crochet Business Names

Kk Hooks & Yarns

Knit Perfection

Crochet Creations

The Twisted Knitter

Sit N Knit

Crochet Superior

Yarn Scout

Calissons Au Crochet

Have Your Knit

Yarns To Dye For

Knit And Fit

Darla’s Crochets

Mama’s Yarn Shop

Yarn’s End

Crochet Cottage

Dangy Threads

Needlepoint Joint

Knots With Knits


Stitches In Time

All About Yarn

Yarn And Needle

Stitch Of Love

Wool And Company

Crochet Inn

Crochet Hub

Likely Yarn

Perfect Stitches Crochet

Crochet in Heels

Corner Crochet

Crazy Crochet

Knit It!

Totally Knitted

Weavers Craft

Stitches And Skeins

Beach Party Crochet


Yarn Artistry

Cc’s Crochet Corner

What Makes a Successful Crochet Business Name?

Choosing the right business name is an important part of any new venture. This is especially true for those who are looking to start a crochet business. A good name can help to define your brand and make it recognizable in the market.

If you are looking to start a crochet business, then you should consider the following factors when choosing your company’s name:

-What does your company do?
-Is it handmade?
-What type of yarn do you use?
-How many people work there?
-Who are you targeting with your products or services?

How to Choose the Best Crochet Business Name?

Choosing a name for your crochet business can be a difficult decision. It’s not something you want to get wrong. You want to choose something that reflects the personality of your company and that is easy to remember.

There are some things you should think about when choosing a name:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What do you want your company to represent?
  • How do you want people to feel when they hear or see it?

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