135 Latest & Catchy Cooking Oil Slogans With Taglines

Made for great Cooking

Taste the goodness

We Know Oil

You may get tired of eating now

Meant for a healthy heart

The choice of every home-cook

The oil you can live with

You’ll never miss the fat.

No place for cholesterol

You cannot deny its goodness

Pure Oil, Pure Life

Soil Not Oil

Eat better

Cook with the best

There’s no Cooking like my Cooking

The oil that exude quality

Your health our mission

Happy, Healthy, Home-made

An oil made of love

Goes well with every cuisine

A doctor for your heart

Oil and water don’t mix

Not just an oil, but your best friend

Every recipe will taste better

Windmills not Oil Spills

Do not compromise with health or taste

The fresh smell of health

Quality Oil. Quality Service

Trusted by generations

Our Goal, Healthy Oil

The health of many, the wealth of few

Delight in cooking, delight in eating

Live with us

A catalyst to deliciousness

Don’t Spoil Our Environment

Fresh oil keeping you fresh always

The joy of cooking. The joy of eating

Live life to its full

Feels divine, tastes divine

Believe in our finest grade cooking oils

Even you will enjoy cooking on your own

Food has never been so pleasuring

For your health

Enhance the taste

For Your Family

It is not just oil. It is liquid health

An oil for your heart

An oil for all the tasty dishes

Taste the Flavor, Miss the Fat

Feel good after every meal

Bad oil adds foil in your life!

Keep your family safe

Buy smart

The taste of good health

Even God will not say no to this oil

Refined cooking oil for your refined tastes

An oil without any impurities

An oil that supports your gym regime

Makes it all taste better

Eat Healthy, Start Living

Eat fresh, forget the rest

It will fill your stomach as well as your heart

Traditionally made fresh olive oil

Brings everyone close

An olive oil like no other

A vow of taste and health

Eat without worrying

No saturated fats

The oil that is a natural cardiologist

Get your cholesterol levels down

Pure oil for your pure health

It looks after you

Healthy the best

A friend of your tastebuds

Fine grade cooking oil

The Oil That’s Changing Oil

Fragrance of deliciousness

Eat Plenty, Live Healthy

A healthy oil for the healthy you

The taste of nature

Try it in everything you cook

A healthy oil for your healthy heart

Meant for great cooking

For a fitter and finer tomorrow

One oil, many nutrients

You cannot ignore its health benefits

Only the natural ones

Overly Excited About Oil

An olive oil that helps you live

A bond of hearts

Oil spillers are killers

The oil that looks after your family

An oil that is a fitness expert on its own

Stop the Oilshed

Made with heart

Taste too divine to ignore

Made for the finest cooking

Eat plentiful, be beautiful

For your family

There’s no Cooking oil like my Cooking oil

For the meal that brings family together

Right variety for your recipe

Health is now affordable

Pure and fresh vegan oil

An oil that transforms you

Oil for life

Cook it with care, well done not rare

Spread the word, not the oil

Health and taste in a single plate of food

Life Oil

Oil of Life, Oil of Olive

Putting new flavours into food

For your own well-being

Cook in style

Eat to your heart’s desire

The taste of health

You’ll never miss the fat

Leaves you wanting a lot more

Eat healthy, build your health

A happy heart starts with a good oil

Oil Has Never Looked So Good

Now do not stop eating

There’s no Cooking oil like my Cooking oil

For that nutty coconut flavor: coconut oil

Choose the right oil for yourself

Happy. Healthy. Home-made

For A Better Tomorrow

A trans-fat-free cooking oil

The best peanut oil that you can find

Love in every drop

Restaurant grade cooking at home

A trans-fat free cooking oil

The oil the doctors prefer

Taste The Flavor. Miss The Fat

No added chemicals

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