65+ Best Cheese Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Jokes are a good source of humor and entertainment for many people. They are easy to understand and often evoke a chuckle or two. But why do people love sharing cheese jokes so much? Well, these jokes can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making them great for family gatherings or other social events. Ultimately, cheese jokes are just plain fun.

Whether in the workplace or at home, sharing good humour and laughs is an effective way to unite people and create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 65+ Cheese Jokes that are often witty, funny, and can be shared in any situation. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Cheese Jokes

1. How did the cheese paint his wife?

He Double Gloucester.

2. Which cheese does the pope like most?

Swiss cheese, it’s holey.

3. What did the cheese do with a Kleenex?

It bleu its nose.

4. What do cheeses dance to on Halloween?

The muenster mash.

5. What does cheese say to itself in the mirror?

Looking Gouda.

6. Why did the cheese smile?

It’s gouda brie a good day.

7. What’s a cheese’s favourite TV channel?

The Brie Brie C.

8. What did one cheese yell at the other?

Leave provolone.

9. What cheese can you use to clean your teeth?

Dental schloss.

10. Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced?

It had grater plans.

11. What did the teenage cheese yell at its parents?

Leave me provolone.

12. What did the mom cheese tell the little boy cheese when he got hurt on his bike?

Gotta take the gouda with the bad.

13. What is a cheese lover’s favorite track and field event?

The curdles.

14. What do you get when you cross a smurf and a cow?

Blue cheese.

15. What other kind of music does cheese listen to?


16. What did the cheese say to call a bear?


17. What do cheese markers dance to on Halloween?

The Muenster mash.

18. Why was the cheese sent to his room?

He needed to mature.

19. When shouldn’t you believe a word your cheese is saying?

When it’s too gouda be true.

20. What’s a cheese’s favorite holiday?


21. What did I do with my cheese handkerchief?

I bleu my nose.

22. What’s the smartest cheese?

Cheese whiz.

23. What do you call a cheese with curly hair?


24. Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced?

It had grater plans.

25. Why did the cheese refuse to be cut?

He had grater plans for his life.

26. What is a cheese diet?

Eating curds and weigh.

27. How does cheese get curly hair?

It gets a perm-esean.

28. What do you say when you have cheese but no crackers?

I’m cracklackin.

29. When can’t you see a cheese?

When it’s pasterised.

30. What does a cheese alcoholic call for?

Morbier! When it’s up to no Gouda.

31. What is a cheese lover’s favorite type of music?

R n’ Brie.

32. What does a cheese say when they look in the mirror in the morning?


33. What did the grilled cheese sandwich say to their date?

You make me melt.

34. What kind of music does cheese like?

Roquefort ‘n’ Roll.

35. What does cheese say to itself in the mirror?

Looking gouda.

36. What’s the cheesiest channel on TV?

Brie-Brie C.

37. What did the frustrated cheese say?

I’m feta up.

38. What do you call a giant monster made of cheese?


39. What did one cheese say to the other during philosophy class?

I dis a brie.

40. What’s Mickey’s favorite cheese? Mouse-erella.

41. Why did the cheese cross the road?

To feta to the other side.

42. Why did cheddar think the cottage cheese went bad?

It curdled.

43. What do they shout out at Pantomimes?

He’s Brie-hind you.

44. What did the police say to the cheese thief?

You’ve been up to no gouda.

45. What would you get if you mixed a dinosaur with cheese?


46. Did you buy a lot of cheese today?

Yes, I bought a Tunworth.

47. What do you call a dinosaur made of cheese?


48. Which is the most religious cheese?

Swiss, because it is holy.

49. What does a cheese like to drink after a long day?


50. What did the piece of cheddar say to the ghost?

I’m lac-ghost intolerant.

51. What did the cheese say to the therapist?

I Camembert it any longer.

52. What is a cheese’s favorite music?

R’n brie.

53. What is a basketball player’s favorite kind of cheese?

Swish cheese.

54. Why did the cheese cry?

It was having a meltdown.

55. Why were mozzarella and feta holding hands?

They look gouda together.

56. What do you call hawks made of cheese?

Curds of prey.

57. How do you get a mouse to smile?

Say cheese.

58. What did I do with my cheese handkerchief?

I blue my nose.

59. What’s the fanciest cheese hotel? The


60. What does cheese ask for at the pub?


61. What do you call his brother?


62. What cheese did the basketball player eat before his big game?

Swish cheese.

63. What kind of cheese to beavers eat?


64. What did the piece of Cheddar say to the ghost?

I’m Lac-ghost intolerant.

65. Where does cheese stay when it’s on vacation?

At the Stilton.

66. What did the manager yell to the cheese thief?

That’s nacho cheese.

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