27 Cereal Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for a fun way to surprise your lady with a special breakfast in the morning? If so, then cereal pick up lines can do the job to make her woo. It will show her how creative and witty you are.

It will make her laugh and show that you pay attention to the details and put some thought into your words. And she will appreciate your efforts. So get ready to charm her with your moves.

Cereal Pick Up Lines

1. Yogurt. Cereal. Soup. You. These are all things I want to spoon.

2. Are you cereal? Because I put you before everything.

3. I can’t see the taste in this cereal but I can see how beautiful you are.

4. Are you a bowl of cereal? Because I’ll eat you everyday.

5. Are you cereal? Because I can eat you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

6. Want some milk with your cocoa puffs?

7. Babe, you got a bowl of tasty cereal? Let me pour some milk inside that bowl.

8. Did you have your morning cereal yet? I’ll give you my bowls.

9. Hey girl, are you cereal? Because I’d like to pour some creamy milk on you.

10. You must be after me Lucky Charms.

11. If you were a cereal, you’d be Lucky Charms because you’re magically delicious.

12. Are you my cereal? Because I wanna spoon you.

13. Frosted Flakes Cereal: Are you hot? Let me frost your flakes.

14. You look magically delicious and I just happen to be a cereal dater.

15. Cheerios Cereal: I’m about to make my honey nut in your cheerio.

16. Girl, if we were cereals, we belong in a bowl together.

17. I treat all boxes with respect.

18. Hey Girl, are you cereal? Cuz I’d like to pour some milk on you.

19. Damn girl, if you were a cereal. You’d be a box of cutie pebbles.

20. Are you my cereal? Cause I would spoon you.

21. I think i’ve gone kuku for your coco puffs.

22. I’ll give up my morning cereal to spoon you instead.

23. Do you like cereal? Want to get to know me because I’mmmmmmm GREAT.

24. Lucky Charms Cereal: Oh, I’m just here. Being your lucky charm.

25. Honey-Comb Cereal: Don’t mind me honey, just combing through.

26. Girl, are you dry cereal? Let me make you soft and wet.

27. Did you have lucky charms this morning? because you look magically delicious.

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