130+ Cool Castle Names Ideas

The name of a castle is an important factor to consider when building one. It is a reflection of the owner and the family that built it.
The importance of a castle name is to create a sense of belonging and connection with your audience. It also helps your brand establish trust and authority.

A good castle name should have three characteristics:

  • it should be easy to pronounce,
  • it should be unique,
  • and it should sound royal.

If you are looking for a castle name, here we’ve compiled the list of best and most catchy castle name ideas for you.

Castle Names

Redmont Keep

Bluebird Keep

Talsworth Citadel

Wishborne Hold

Warsle Castle

Direwood Fortress

Brackhill Fortress

Breuce Castle

Galsop Fort

Herst Keep

Hopeshire Fortress

Starford Fortress

Greenhill Palace

Windshire Palace

Windmontley Castle

Tarsington Stronghold

Saltwoods Fortress

Craester Arms Fortress

Candor Fortress

Naesbrey Keep

Termarth Citadel

Saltwood Palace

Ashington Fortress

Sevenberg Fortress


Charvaley Citadel

West Lowes Fort

Dawnton Place

Worthwood Stronghold

Enrilth Fortress

Falkerstone Hold

Riverdale Fortress

Clifton Palace

Nightwell Palace

Iredale Keep

Marshwood Castle

Whitehaven Castle

Faerchester Fort

Castle Wolfthorn

Scatterby Palace

Rose Castle

Santhope Palace

Laeves Castle

Staerdale Fort

Heamyock Stronghold

Grimtol Stronghold

Cowle Stronghold

Artanges Castle

Gundor Fort

Fowlsfield Keep

Cool Castle Names

Saltwood Castle

Falconreach Keep

Sunspear Palace

Rouguemont Fort

Wattingham Citadel

Wishborne Castle

Whitich Keep

Warwick Castle

Moonlight Bluff

Tarnton Stronghold

Droskyn Palace

Skyguard Hall

Uwile Fortress

Dannamore Citadel

Slyborn Palace

Sunspire Keep

Everkeep Castle

Royal Citadel

Farfaith Castle

Haarton Palace

Staerdale Fortress

Woodlands Fort

Clifton Citadel

Castle Haven

Appley Stronghold

Boltangate Fort

Mortham Keep

Callborough Stronghold

Baedcove Castle

Cardell Hold

Rose Keep

Fowther Stronghold

Caestshire Citadel

Baston Citadel

Osprey’s Reach

Cladborough Keep

Pernstow Citadel

Moonreach Keep

Beacon Hill

Hurlton Keep

Garsley Palace

The Mount

Cadleigh Palace

Eastcairn Fortress

Dewbury Fortress

Kentillie Fort

Fanthorpe Castle

Barviel Fortress

Talonbluff Castle

Croilton Palace

Fantasy Castle Names

Faerseton Palace

Dandlestone Hold

Droskyn Stronghold

Dewbury Keep

Dornham Hold

Cloveshire Castle

Salkire Stronghold

Alderth Keep

Warsle Stronghold

Garley Castle

Pelsley Citadel

Arltington Fortress

Taetnire Palace

Kernwith Stronghold

Warltonwood Citadel

Brivey Fortress

Easkerton Castle

Eryas Castle

Boltan Hold

Easkerton Palace

Calford Fortress

Ashington Hold

Yeanworth Fortress

Mortling Fortress

Langdale Keep

Château de Talogne

Wattingham Palace

Baltso Fortress

Baston Castle

Ryre Citadel

Raefus Castle

Elverston Fort

Darlington Fort

Alnor Fort

Headdon Castle

Mandoom Fortress

Narris Citadel

Darenby Citadel

Bryalshire Castle

Stowe Palace

Earnside Keep

Darton Hold

Miserth Castle

Haarton Citadel

Starminster Fortress

Laeves Fort

Windmontley Hold

Carderby Keep

Why a Castle Name is Important for Game Designers and Gamers

A castle name is a unique name for your game that helps players remember it. It can be a name that you come up with or a name from an existing game. It helps with the player’s immersion, as well as builds trust with the player. A good example of this is Minecraft, which was originally called “The Game That Never Was.”

One of the most important steps to creating a good game is to decide on a castle name. It’s important because it helps define the protagonist and what they stand for. It also sets the tone for how people will perceive your game and what they expect from it.

How to Find the Right Castle Name for Your Game

There are many different types of castles in the world. They can be a city, a ruin, a fortress, or even a castle in the sky. There are also many different styles of castles that have been used throughout history.

A good name for your castle should have an interesting and descriptive name that you can use to market your game. It should also sound good when spoken aloud and make sense in the context of your game. And a great way to come up with names for your castle is by making a list of words that describe it and then combining them into one word or phrase. Well, there are so many different factors to consider. You have to think about the history, the geography, and the culture of the place you’re naming. You need to be creative but also practical.”

Castle Names in Popular Games and How They are Used

In the world of video games, castle names are a common feature. People often name their castles after places they’ve visited or places they want to visit.

In some popular games such as “The Legend of Zelda”, “Mario”, and “Pokemon”, there are castle names that have become a part of the game. The names are used for important points in the game, side quests, and even for NPC dialogue.

These castle names are often used in combination with words that describe the place or location where they can be found in the game. For example, in “The Legend of Zelda” game series, Hyrule Castle is often referred to as Hyrule Castle Town.

When it comes to naming places in games, there is a big difference between creating a unique name and using one that has been commonly used before. There is no right or wrong way to go about it as long as you use it appropriately and don’t create a name that would confuse players.

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