50+ Candy Crush Saga Pick Up Lines

If you want to make your crush smile who is addicted to Candy Crush Saga, then this candy crush saga pick up lines will strike up a conversation that will make your conversation go like a flow.

We know that sometimes there is a moment when we want to say something to the person we like, but we hesitate to say it, right? But by using these funny and cheesy pick-up lines, you can easily break the ice and make them feel that you are interested in them. Enjoy.

Candy Crush Saga Pick Up Lines

1. You are my lucky candy.

2. Are you a sugar drop? Because you’ve dropped right into my heart.

3. Is your heart like a rainbow candy? Because you’ve added color to my world.

4. I want you more than a Bubblegum Troll wants candies.

5. I’d like to level up our relationship.

6. I’ll be the life to your candy crush.

7. Baby you’re so sweet you’d put Hershey’s out of business.

8. Are you a color bomb? Because you are electric.

9. I’ve been crushing on you for a while.

10. I want you to clear all my jelly.

11. Is your heart like a licorice swirl? Because I want to untangle it.

12. I’ll give you life if you be my Candy Crush.

13. Are you Tiffi? Because you are so sweet.

14. I miss you like the Meringues. It can only be removed with you next to me.

15. You are a striped candy because you’ve made a sweet impression on me.

16. You must be a Liquorice Locks cage, because I am immobilized.

17. Is your name Odus the Owl? Because you’ve made my heart soar.

18. Your heart like a candy jar as I can’t get enough of you.

19. Did somebody say candy crush saga?

20. Do you believe in love at first match?

21. Are you level 65 on Candy Crush? Because I just can’t get over you.

22. Are you a level up? Because I’m ready to take our relationship to the next level.

23. I ran out of moves on candy crush..Can I make a move on you?

24. Hey I’m going to fill up your lemonade lake.

25. Is your name Freckles? Because you are the bomb.

26. Some guys are boyfriend material. I’m made of candy material – sugar.

27. My candy crush saga would be as sour without you.

28. Are you a lollipop hammer? Because you’ve hit me right in the heart.

29. Are you wrapped candy? Because you are the bomb.

30. Is your heart like a jelly square? Because I’d love to clear it for you.

31. Are you a chocolate spawner? Because you’ve spawned a lot of sweet feelings in me.

32. Is your name Mr. Toffee? Because you’re my sweet mentor in love.

33. Is your name tiffi? Because you’re the sweetest character in my story.

34. They don’t call me a Candy King for no reason.

35. Is your name candy crush? Because I’m totally crushed on you.

36. Hey, I’m gonna clear all your jelly.

37. Hey you color bomb, you’ve exploded into my life with colors.

38. Are you a bubblegum troll? Because I’m stuck on you.

39. Hey, you’re more rare than spinning a Jackpot.

40. You must be sweet, because you are certainly eye candy.

41. You’re so sweet, I think I got a Candy Crush on you.

42. You excite me like the timed level.

43. I can make you come with out extra moves.

44. I’m Candy Crushin’ on you.

45. I’ll be the life to your candy crush.

46. You’re as sweet as candy.

47. If I had boosters, I’d spend them on you.

48. Are you a striped candy + wrapped candy combo? Because you’re a perfect match.

49. My love for you is like tickets. I just keep requesting until you give it to me.

50. My love for you is like Chocolate Spawners – just keep on loving.

51. I love you more than I love boosters.

52. Are you a candy? Because you’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

53. Is your name Candy Crush? Because I’m completely addicted to you.

54. Are you from Candy Crush Saga? Because you’re real sweet.

55. Are you a booster? Because you’ve boosted my happiness.

56. Be my friend, so we can go on adventure in the Candy Kingdom side by side.

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