65+ Burger Pick Up Lines

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Of course, we all do, but have you ever thought that can show off your wit and charm to someone you love with pick up lines which are related to a burger?

Yes, we are not kidding. With the right pick up lines about burgers, you can get your meat between her buns in no time. These lines will surely make them swoon, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get ready to get sizzling with your crush. Enjoy.

Burger Pick Up Lines

1. Girl are you a burger because I wanna stick my meat in you and fill you with mayonnaise.

2. If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you’d be named McGorgeous.

3. Will you be the burger to my smash?

4. Do you want a tasty California hamburger? Because this won’t be a quick in n out.

5. Just like at Burger King, You’re the boss.

6. Hey girl, are you a burger? Because I wanna put my meat in your buns.

7. You are my happy meal and I will be your Big Mac.

8. Are you a burger? Cause I want to smash you.

9. Girl are you a combo meal? Because you are the complete package.

10. “I’ll be the Burger King, and you’ll be the Dairy Queen… You treat me right, and I’ll do it your way.”

11. Are you a burger? Because I would eat you with relish.

12. You be my Dairy Queen, I’ll be your Burger King, we can have it your way, I’ll treat you right.

13. Girl, do you want toys to complete your happy meal?

14. Let’s put a toy inside your happy meal.

15. Are you a burger cuz I’d slap those buns?

16. Have you ever tried hot dog between those buns?

17. Babe I want no combo meal but you are my only happy meal.

18. I wish I was Burger King because then I’d have an excuse to make you my queen.

19. Hey girl, are you Burger King? Cuz I won’t stop coming.

20. Can I touch your bun?

21. Any girls wanna go to mac with me? You could be my happy meal.

22. Burger Or just in-and-out of me?

23. If you were a new hamburger at McDonald’s, you would be a McGorgeous.

24. We go together like a burger and fries.

25. Baby if you were a burger at McDonalds you would be a McGorgeous.

26. Do you work at McDonalds? Because I’m loving it.

27. Are you a burger because I’d slap those buns.

28. I’ll have my way and you’ll be loving it; so I’ll be burger king and you’ll be McDonalds.

29. I’ll eat you out like the fries from burger. Animal Style.

30. I’ll be Burger King and you be McDonald’s. I’ll have it my way, and you’ll be lovin’ it.

31. Do you like my manmade secret sauce in your burger?

32. Hey girl it’s burger week, Why is my meat not in between your buns.

33. Your kiss is like a burger patty. Thick, Tender and Juicy.

34. I’ll be having it my way and you’ll be loving it.

35. Do you work at Burger King? Because you’re giving it to me the way I like it.

36. Are you grilling hamburgers? I will be the ham for your bun.

37. Are you a burger? Because I wanna get between those buns with my secret sauce.

38. I can be the king of your burger.

39. Are you a burger because i want to bit you.

40. Are you a burger? Because I want to smash you.

41. Do you like secret sauce in your burger?

42. Can I dip my McChicken in your pussy juice?

43. Let me be the ham for your burger tonight.

44. You’re like McDonald’s baby, I’m loving it.

45. Babe, I am Mac and you will see why they call me big tonight.

46. Do you like burgers? Because I want to spread some mayo between those buns.

47. Let’s make the bedroom heat up so we could fix our meat in your buns.

48. Do you want just the burger or the whole combo with a drink and foreplay?

49. Are you a burger? Because you seem to be missing my meat between your buns.

50. Are you a In-n-Out burger joint ? Because I’ll eat you In-n-Out.

51. Do you want to go to In-And-Out burgers?

52. Do you work at McDonalds? Cuz I want u to be in my happy-meal.

53. Hamburger? Fast, cheap, and easy.

54. Are your legs made of a burger. Because I want to eat the juicy meat flaps in the middle.

55. I wish you could rub my salty French fries with some sweet ‘n’ sour sauce.

56. I love the spicy sauce in your burger.

57. Do you like hamburgers? cuz I’ll go in-n-out of you.

58. Let’s role play. You can be McDonalds and I’ll be Burger King.

59. Hey girl r u burger king, Because with me you can have it your way.

60. Girl, your wishburger needs some meat loving.

61. Are you a juicy hamburger? Because you are cooked to perfection.

62. Hey, baby, wanna dip my nuggets in your sauce?

63. Are you a burger on a grill? Because you’re smoking hot.

64. Would you like fries or my number with your hamburger today?

65. Do you like Burger King? Because we are about to have a whopping good time.

66. Hey, baby, wanna taste my Special Sauce?

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