290 Cool and Catchy Bike Business Names

A good bike company name not only helps the company to stand out from the crowd but also to build a loyal following. And it is important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It helps to establish the brand and its identity.
  • It makes it easier for customers to find their way around the market.
  • It can help with marketing and advertising campaigns.

The key is to find a name that is catchy and easy to remember. However, it should also be unique and distinguishable from other bike companies in the industry.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 290 cool and catchy Bike company names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Bike Company Names


Bike Heaven

The Pedal People

Master Wheels


Rodeo magic

The Silver Spoke

Bike Town

Spinning Wheel Bikes

Bicycle Workshop

Electric Bike Shop

A+ Axles

Cyclic Emporium

Pedal More

Hot Wheels


Bike Champ

Scramblers Kitchen


Thunder Wonders

Bike Guys

Pedals & More

Big motion

Wings on Wheels

Road Amaze

Wheeled Wonders

Big Wheel Bicycles

Big Ole Bikes


Flaming Wheels

Tour de Bikes

Speed Cycles Company


Pedal Panic

Amazing Bikes

Whip Phoenix


Power Pedals


Racers Bikes

Mike’s Bikes

Red Arms

Savari Bicycles

About the Bike

Jaguar On Wheels

Orange Mountain Bikes

TJ Cycles

Creative Cycles

Flying Wheel

Beautiful Rides

Bike Nation

Tiger Wheels

Mountain Bike Company

Wheel Town Bikes

On Two Wheels

Strike Bikes

Divider Bolt Pedals

Tired Up

Nitro Bikes

Custom Bikes

The Cycle Gear

Beautiful Bicycles

Ghost Hunters

Bike Palace

The Bike Experts


Better on Bikes

Precision Bikes

Bike Blokes

Bike Shop Names

Gladiator Pro

Time 4 Bikes

The Brick Bike

Bike Connection

Well Done Wheels

Wheels For All

Free Range Cycles

i Bike Gallery

Wheels on Tars

Happy Riders Discount

Cipher Den

Spin Experts

BlueLake Hikes

Cornerstone wheels

Armada CyclingGrey Iron Bikes

Champion Wheels

Bicycle Habitat

Bolt Wheels

Uptown Bikes

BlissSky Bike Store

Handlebar Haven

Pedal Pros

The Bike People

Fire Ride

By Stormz

Majesty Clad

Heaven On Road

Bike It Up

Great Wheels

Bike County

Careful Cycles

Fun Rides


Armada Cycling

Backyard Biker

Biking and more

West Bicycle Company

Road Riders

Buddy Cycle Store

Round Tire Bikes

Curious Bikes

The Bike Place

Nicknames for Bikes

Cycler Haven

Boulder Bikes

The Rubber Tire

Road Eagles

Bike Haven

City Bikes

The Bike Rack

Bicycle Mayhem

The Bike Village

The Blue Bike

Road Warriors

Bike Mayhem

AAA Axles

The Second Cycle

Bargain Bikes

Yellow Wish

Spinning Spoke Bikes

Race Zone Bikes

Bike the Trail


Bracers Bikes

Pedals Galore

Bicycle Boys

Power on Pedals


Urban Tour

Rad Bikes

Price Bikes

What’s Crankin?

Kids Kycles

Black Bike Haven

Blissful Pedals

Bike Nerds

The Bike Shop


Pedal Pals

Bicycle Brothers

Bike Riot



Best Bike Company Names

Load Wheelers

Two Wheel Gods

Pedal X Gen

Cycle Guys

Sunshine Hikes


Shop The Wheels

Escapade On Wheels

Bike Boys

Xcel Cycle

X Road Bikes

Spokes Bikes

House Of Riders

Win Win Pedals

Peloton Pros

Winged Wheels


Cyclic Transit

Amazing Wheels

Bike Hovers

2 Wheels Paradise

Skinny Tire Bikes

Hook Towners


New Decade Wheels

Cally Turners

Draco Hit Bike

Beautiful Cycles

Just Cycles

Axel Bikes

Town Funkers

Cool Bike Company Names


Town Riders

Handlebar Heaven

Peloton Outfitters

Stop In Cycles

Happy Star Cycles

Trendy Young

Bike Rack

Pedal Prince

Bike & Run


Clear Steer Riders

The Decade Ride

Pedal Pushers

Pedals Deluxe

Sister Cycles

Spin Wheel Bikes

Cycle Trail

Speed World

Wishfull Wheels

Pedal People

Deviler Bikes

Dream Biker Place

Winger Wheels

Cycle Up

Trail Magic Bikes

All Race Paradise

Brick Bad

Rocket Bikes

Super Bike

Trump It Pedals

Tire Hitchy

Rate Out Bikes

Bike Lane

Road Wheelie

Cycles 4 Kids

Back Alley Bikes

Catchy Bike Company Names

Cycle City

Advanced Axels

Wheels R’ Us

Go Rides Company

Pedal to the Metal

Speedie Pedals

Falcon Riders

Wheelies & More

Two Senses


Track Pedals


Quest Race

Cyclone Cycles

Wheels on Wings

Drop Funkers

Back Road Bikes

Bike Basin

Wreck It Wheels

Speed Cycles

Brand New Bicycle

Rocket Wings

Bike Escape


Upland- Bicycle

Before the Bike

Wheelies n More

Kite Speed Ride

Bluedolphin Bikes

Mayhem Supers

Buzz Bikes

RaceZone Bikes

Pop a Wheelie

High Road Pedals

Urbanroad Highs

Blue Star Bikes

Ole Racer Pedals

Unique Bike Company Names

Race County Bikes

Bike Frenzy

Cruise’o Wheels

Powerful Pedals

Ghost Riders

Wheel On The Go

Golden String

The Bike Store

Black Hot Wheels

Good Day Pedals

Cycle Matter


Peddlers Inc

Pedal Power

Double Axels

The Villiars

Great Cycleway


What Else!

Two Tires

Naughty Bike Club

LongHill Hikes

Swamp Pro Wings

Crank Masters


Better Bikes

The Pedal Experts

Bike Basics


New Town Bikes

Race Time


Highway Wings

The Mario Wheels

Heart Bike Warriors

Flame Pedals

How to Choose the Best Bike Company Name for your Brand?

When it comes to bike brands, they have to choose their names carefully because they are competing with other brands in the market. A good bike brand name should be unique, memorable, and easy to pronounce.

The process of choosing a bicycle company’s name often starts with brainstorming ideas and creating a list of potential names that might work for your company. These names should be taken seriously as they can help shape your brand identity and help you achieve success in your business.

Here are the top 7 rules for choosing a good bike company name

  1. Make sure your product or service is easily understood by everyone.
  2. Avoid words that are too common.
  3. Stay away from words that have negative connotations.
  4. Your name should be able to be pronounced easily by everyone.
  5. Keep your brand name short and catchy so people remember it!
  6. Keep your branding consistent with the actual products you are selling!
  7. Keep your trademark clear and easy to find on the internet so people can know they’re buying quality.

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