Top 125 Biblical Affirmations for Women

Below we’ve compiled a list of best and positive biblical affirmations for women that will provide a source of strength and encouragement to women who are struggling with the pressures of life.

Biblical Affirmations for Women

1. I am seeking God first in all I do.

2. With god, I am unshakeable.

3. I am a worthy child of God.

4. I am looking for the good in every day.

5. I am loved just as I am.

6. God will overflow hope and joy in my life.

7. I am wonderfully made.

8. God will strengthen and help me today.

9. I love who I am right now.

10. I cast my anxiety on god.

11. I am precious in God’s sight.

12. My trust is in the Lord.

13. I am facing life challenges with God.

14. I am whole and complete.

15. I appreciate the life that God gave me.

16. I have sound knowledge and wisdom.

17. I can do all things through Christ.

18. God is with me.

19. I trust God wholeheartedly.

20. I am secure in Christ’s love for me.

21. Joy is Always a Possibility.

22. I am grateful for everything God is doing in my life.

23. I am free from the power of sin.

24. I am created in God’s image.

25. With god, nothing is impossible.

26. God will give me fresh strength when I wait on Him.

27. I release the pressure to perform.

28. God is my refuge.

29. Hope is an anchor for my soul.

30. I make good choices.

31. I respect my body for the unique way it is made.

32. I am renewing my mind daily in God’s word.

33. I live by faith.

34. I am God’s masterpiece.

35. I do what I can.

36. I am strong and courageous.

37. I don’t need to worry about tomorrow.

38. My mind is clear.

39. God will give me wisdom to deal with any situation.

40. I am grateful for each breath God gives me.

41. I am content in all things.

42. I am beautiful by God’s definition.

43. I stand firm in my faith.

44. I give thanks to the lord.

45. I am guarding my heart.

46. I pass on my faith to my children.

47. I am everything God says I am.

48. I am a loving being.

49. God has great plans for my life.

50. God is always with me.

51. My worth is defined by His grace.

52. I am walking in the wisdom of God.

53. My focus is sharp.

54. I am patient.

55. I persevere.

56. God gives me strength.

57. I am deeply valued for who I am not just what I do.

58. I seek the kingdom of god.

59. My heart is fully of joy.

60. God keeps his promises to me.

61. I choose Godly things.

62. Right now, I am exactly what God created me to be.

63. I am enough.

64. I have the peace of Christ.

65. I am loved by God.

66. I am a woman of integrity in all I do.

67. My trust lies in God alone.

68. God woke me up this morning for a purpose.

69. I am accepted by God.

70. I am blessed in the heavenly realms.

71. God listens to me.

72. I have an eternal future because of God’s love for me.

73. God’s Spirit makes me feel powerful.

74. I have might and power.

75. God is looking after me.

76. God’s approval of me is most important.

77. I appreciate every creation of God.

78. I am trusting God to see me through the hills and valleys of life.

79. God Himself is working in and through me.

80. I am saved by God’s grace.

81. My soul finds rest in god.

82. Fear has no place in my life.

83. I know how to be still so I can hear from God.

84. God has a plan for my life.

85. I can pray for anything and everything.

86. Everything I do is done in love.

87. I appreciate myself for all I do.

88. Fear has no hold on me.

89. I appreciate all the gifts I have received.

90. The lord has amazing plans for me.

91. I am grateful for all that God has given me.

92. God’s grace, love and fellowship is with me.

93. I look for the good in each day.

94. I am a woman of discipline and self-control.

95. I am blessed.

96. I release my past.

97. I become a better version of myself every day.

98. I speak with love.

99. God is right here with me, holding my hand.

100. God guides me with love.

101. My heart is glad.

102. God’s Spirit lives in me.

103. I can rely on God.

104. I am saved.

105. God is able to do more than I can ever ask or imagine.

106. I trust in the lord with all my heart.

107. I can be confident in God’s power.

108. I forgive others.

109. I am living my life enveloped in the Joy of the Lord.

110. I am loved and supported in my business and work.

111. I am forgiven.

112. I am patient and constant in prayer.

113. I have the courage to do challenging things.

114. I am wise with how I use my money and resources.

115. I have everything I need.

116. God wants me to live.

117. I am clothed in wisdom.

118. God has good plans for me.

119. I am learning to love myself the way God does.

120. I find freedom in forgiveness.

121. I am chosen by God.

122. God wants me to be happy.

123. I trust God at all times.

124. I am adopted in to God’s family.

125. My faith moves mountains.

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