200+ Cool Names for Beer Pong Team

Beer pong is an old game that has been around for centuries and can be found in different cultures and countries all over the world. It is also one of the most popular drinking games on college campuses and bars, making it a favorite pastime for many people.

Good team names are important in beer pong because they give your team a sense of identity. They also make it easier to remember the name of your team and where you are playing.

To make sure that their team has good luck, players often come up with creative team names to help them win more games. Some names are based on famous people or events while others are made up of words related to beer or drinking games.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and badass beer pong team names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Beer Pong Team Names

Fire Crotch

Lush Puppies

Hops Scotch


Beer Goggles

Cold Beers

Super Splash Bros

Jabba The Cup

Milk, Milk,

The Flaming Moes

Sorry for Partying

Shootin’ Tanks

Here 4 Cheers


That Was Quick

One For The Road

The Ponginators

Drinking for Pleasure

The Hotshots

Awesome Foursome

Beer It On


I’ll Beer Right Back

We chug Loads

Size Matters

Talk Is Cheap

Buff Beer Slayers

Beer pong

Hello Titty

Balls Deep

Shake & Bake


Always Get It In

Shake and Chug


The Bus Drivers


Duet Shots

Wet And Sober

Chicks with Beers

Dual Shots

A Pong Of Ice And Fire


Flip Cups

Waxed Balls

Trash Talkin’ Drinkers

Six Pack Attacks

Here For Beer!

Three Sheets

Frothy Balls

Lords Of Pongtownn

He Shoots, She Scores

Hot Chicks

Wet Balls

We’re Already Drunk

Titanium Liver

team names

Drunkin Donuts


Alco HoliChiks

We love PEN15

Ken And Barbie

Pong Armstrong

Beer Raiders

Pong Love

Dead Liver Society

Beers N Tears

Catchy Beer Pong Team Names

Sudsy Ballz

No Pukers


Piston Broke

Beast of Bourbon

Sudsy Balls

Sink or Swim

Stout of Bounds

Raging Alcoholics

Let Me See That Pong

Running Impaired



Beer Barons

Professional Drunks

Beer Chasers

Starlight Excess

Spiked Punch

Intoxicated Love

We Bounce 4 Beer

Style Before Talent

Smarty Pints

Booze on first?

Southern Discomfort

The Team to Beat

Balls Of Fury

Know it Ales

Beer Brothers



Pong My Ride

Disco Divas.

Get Smashed

AA Sponsors

Chilled Perfection

Will Bowl for Beer


Blue Balls

Hot Shots

Ben Wa Balls

Shots at 6.30pm

Drinking team names

Ginll Fix It

Saved by the War

Beer Pressure

Absolut Fun

Net Gain

Just the Tip

Unique Beer Pong Team Names

Balls In The Hole

Nothin’ But Wet

Bound To Fail

Tiny Balls

Team Jagermeister

Plastered Pandas

Kim Pong-il

Peter Pong

2 Girls 10 Cups

Blood Sweat and Beers

Pint up Frustration

Got Balls?

Just Get It In

Chug On My Balls

Bad News Beers

Shake and Bake

Last Orders


Faster, Higher, Lager

Fear the Beer

Wonder Sisters

We Drop Shots

Ham Wallets

We Have More Fun

You Got Swatted




DNR – Do Not Resuscitate

Bar Flies

Hole Dominators


Funny Beer Pong Team Names

Beer Improves Our Aim

Full of Stimulus

S*xy Beer

Mud, Sweat & Beers

Team Shameless

Bottoms up

Three Sheets To

Will Run for Rum

The Brew Crew

The Potato

Everybody Drinks

Trick And Treat

Double Bag It

The 12 Steps


Yager Bombers

Double Penetration

Married Alcoholics

Throwing Balls

Here for Beer


Egg Toss

Shots Into The Void

Sorry 4 Partying

Plastic Cups

beer pong names

Sexy Beer Chuggers


Human Beer-ology

No Pong Intended

Soon To Be Hungover

Too Drunk To Dunk



Betty Fords

Beerack Obama

The Walking Drunk

Barrely Alive

Badass Beer Pong Team Names

Re-rack Attack

Gettin’ Our Balls Wet



Ball Busters

Drunk Balls


Marvelous Mermaids


Cup And Cupper

Beer-view Mirrors

Ping Pong Beers

Beer drinking team names

Babes and Beers

All for a Pint


Crusin’ For A Brew-ski

The Chug-ettes

Pong Ninjas

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Ram Rod

Guys And Cups

Drinking Buddies


Drink like Shaq

What is Beer Pong?

Beer Pong is a game that has been around for centuries. It is a drinking game where players have to knock over ping pong balls into cups of beer on the opposite end of the table.

The objective of the game is to get your opponent’s cups of beer down to zero by sinking the eight balls in their cup. It’s a fun and competitive game that requires skill, dexterity, and coordination.

Major Factors to Consider When Choosing a Catchy Beer Pong Team Name

When choosing a beer pong team name, there are several factors to consider. The first is the popularity of the name. You don’t want to choose a name that has already been taken by another team. This will make it hard for you to build your brand and increase your visibility in the community.

The second factor is how well the name reflects the identity of your team. If you are trying to build a college-themed beer pong team, then you may want to choose a name that reflects that theme.

Here are certain factors to consider when you are choosing a good beer pong team name:

  • The meaning of the name.
  • The popularity of the name.
  • How catchy it is to say/sing/chant it out loud.
  • How easy it is to spell and pronounce.
  • Its uniqueness and how easily it can be remembered.

What Makes a Good Name for a Beer Pong Team?

A good name for a beer pong team is something that is easily remembered and has a certain amount of appeal. First, it should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. It should also be short enough to fit on the back of the t-shirt without being too difficult to read or type.

Here are some things one should keep in mind when naming a team. Some of these things include:

  • The name should be catchy and memorable.
  • The name should reflect who the team is.
  • The name should not have any negative connotations.

Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Beer Pong Team

The name you choose for your beer pong team is a crucial decision. It will be the first thing people see when they walk in and it will be the first thing that comes up on Google searches. Your team name will also affect how people perceive your brand and company.

First, you need to think about what type of team you want – a good name is catchy and that people will remember. Second, you need to think about the demographic of your target audience – if you want to attract a specific type of person, then pick a name that sounds like something they would like. Lastly, think about how easy it will be for people to pronounce and spell – if it’s hard for them, then they won’t be able to say or spell the name with ease.

There are so many things to consider. You need to think about what your target audience is, what your brand stands for, and what you want to achieve with the team name.

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