Top 145+ Beauty Affirmations for Confidence & Self-love

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best and most positive affirmations on Beauty that will help you stay positive and happy about the negative self-image that is often perpetuated by society and be confident in your own skin.

Beauty Affirmations

1. My beauty is worth seeing and appreciating.

2. I become more attractive every single day.

3. I move my body regularly and stay active willingly.

4. My attractiveness increases every single day.

5. I do everything to make my beauty shine even more.

6. My skin is healing.

7. Even the non-branded clothes look stunning on me.

8. My natural beauty is awe-inspiring.

9. I appreciate my stretch marks.

10. The positive mindset I carry enhances my beauty.

11. I feel positive about my body.

12. My confidence is one of my best qualities.

13. I don’t need to change myself to feel attractive.

14. I realize how beautiful I am, both inside and out.

15. I’m healing my skin from the inside out.

16. People find me extremely attractive.

17. My beauty is worthy of compliments.

18. I love the process of loving myself.

19. I love myself any time of the day.

20. I have youthful, baby soft and smooth skin

21. Blemishes are temporary and my skin will heal with time.

22. I am elegant. I am radiant. I enjoy the beauty of life.

23. My smile emphasizes my beauty.

24. I am gentle and feminine

25. My hair grows thick and luscious.

26. “Perfect” is the only word that describes me well.

27. Growing my hair is easy and natural.

28. My skin is healthy and glowing.

29. I love my skin and I am grateful for its clarity.

30. I have a unique and presentable personality.

31. My inner self radiates positive energy into the world.

32. I feel proud of how beautiful I’ve become with time.

33. I have sharp features that contribute to my sexy looks.

34. I am of perfect age and size.

35. I’m happy with how I look.

36. My skin is happy, healthy, calm, and balanced.

37. My skin is getting clearer from the inside out.

38. Others admire me for my self-esteem.

39. I see my lips getting more and more beautiful.

40. Every part of my body is attractive.

41. My hair is growing faster than ever before.

42. My skin is hydrated and glowing.

43. I choose to love myself every day.

44. I love myself the way I am.

45. I get a lot of compliments for my eyes.

46. My skin becomes healthier every day.

47. My imperfections make me beautiful.

48. My charm attracts beautiful souls into my life.

49. I am extremely attractive.

50. I have a radiant smile that captivates everyone’s heart.

51. I love my smooth skin and my complexion.

52. I like my natural look.

53. I attract people with my self-esteem.

54. The happier I am, the more beautiful I become.

55. My skin glows with radiance and makes me feel beautiful.

56. My skin takes care of me.

57. My hair is smooth and silky and very attractive.

58. I am grateful for my healthy body.

59. My body is a reflection of my inner beauty.

60. I find beauty in everything I see.

61. Any extra weight naturally leaves my body.

62. I love myself every day.

63. I am beautiful.

64. I like how I look when I wake up.

65. I look fantastic in every outfit that I wear.

66. I look elegant from top to toe.

67. My skin is free of germs.

68. I love my gorgeous complexion.

69. I eat food that nourishes my skin.

70. My body and my mind are beautiful.

71. I am motivated to get into my healthy weight.

72. I feel happy and smile a lot.

73. I am grateful for having an attractive body.

74. My skin is radiant and perfect just the way it is.

75. I am beautiful just the way I am.

76. I am SEXY AF.

77. Everyone adores my beautiful skin.

78. I have never looked better.

79. Everyone around me is as beautiful as I am.

80. I feel good about myself.

81. I have acne-free skin.

82. I have a positive self-image.

83. My body is in excellent shape.

84. I can impress anyone of the opposite gender quickly.

85. I am the creator of my happiness.

86. I’m grateful for my uniqueness.

87. My skin reflects my inner well-being.

88. My skin is well nourished.

89. Every feature of my face makes me attractive.

90. I’m becoming more confident with my skin every day.

91. My skin has a healthy glow and is worthy of love.

92. I have unique beautiful eyes.

93. I am happily achieving my weight loss goals.

94. I like my curves.

95. I accept myself and all my imperfections.

96. I look mind-blowing in every attire I wear.

97. I am beautiful inside out.

98. I stop all the bad habits that hurt my lips.

99. People often compliment my appearance.

100. I am gorgeous and sexy.

101. I am super happy with my classy looks.

102. I take good care of my lips.

103. My beauty mesmerizes everyone around me.

104. I accept myself the way I am.

105. I love my skin and I treat it with respect.

106. I love taking care of my beautiful body.

107. I am gorgeous, even with my imperfections.

108. My natural beauty shines through.

109. I take care of my skin regularly and it thanks me for it.

110. Other people’s opinions of my body don’t affect me.

111. I love my beautiful complexion.

112. I enjoy taking care of my skin.

113. I am charming beyond measure.

114. My eyes look gorgeous.

115. I love every scar, wrinkle, and freckle.

116. My hair is perfect for me.

117. Every cell in my body is beautiful.

118. I look happy and healthy.

119. I am no less than a supermodel.

120. I honor my body by eating healthy and exercising.

121. My body is attractive because I take good care of it.

122. Every day I become more beautiful.

123. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

124. I feel confident in my body.

125. I exude beauty and confidence.

126. I am empowered by my hair.

127. I am comfortable and confident about how I look.

128. I easily and effortlessly lose weight.

129. Being beautiful comes naturally to me.

130. I am satisfied with how I look.

131. My optimism makes me even more attractive.

132. I love taking care of my skin.

133. My weight is perfect, just the way it is.

134. My body deserves exceptional care.

135. I am flawless in every aspect.

136. I praise and love myself.

137. My beauty is the greatest gift.

138. I am worthy, just like everyone else.

139. I am attractive inside and out.

140. I love myself unconditionally.

141. My hair and eyes highlight my good looks.

142. My skin is getting better and better every day.

143. I am perfect and beautiful.

144. Everyone finds me pretty.

145. I am healthy and healthy is beautiful.

146. I don’t let anyone make me feel bad about myself.

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