41 Archaeology Pick Up Lines

Archaeology is often considered a boring subject, but with these funny and cheesy archaeology pick up lines, you can make the class interesting and engaging while adding humour to lectures and even sparking conversations between students. So go ahead and turn a dull class into an exciting one. Enjoy.

Archaeology Pick Up Lines

1. I’m not an archeologist, But I got a bone for you.

2. Girl, your hotness is a social fact.

3. Let’s pretend you’re C14 so I can date you.

4. Back in action, gonna cast a spell on you like azande witch doctors.

5. Let’s forget the carbon and move straight to the dating.

6. I find your culture fascinating…I’d like to learn more about your mating rituals.

7. Baby, are you an archeologist? Because i want to go cave exploring with you.

8. Can I excavate your mounds?

9. Girl, can I survey your features ?

10. Girl, I wanna go down today… about 10 centimeters.

11. My, what a large ranging pole you have.

12. Girl, can i use my GPR on you?

13. Let’s pretend you’re full of C14 so I can date you.

14. My, my you are a special find.

15. Hey, I’ve got a huge grant .

16. Babe you’re more precious than an artifact.

17. Wanna extract some minerals from my bone?

18. Did it hurt when you fell from your culture’s dogmatic view of an afterlife?

19. I’m a linguistic anthropologist, may i study your tongue?

20. Excuse me are you an archeologist? Because please have kiss with me.

21. Care to shine my trowel?

22. You remind me of the Kennewick Man, I’d do anything to claim you for my own.

23. You like petrology? Well, check out this cleavage.

24. Baby, could i have a look at your artifacts?

25. Excuse me miss, but are you Mesa Verde? Because it feels like I’ve been digging you for years.

26. I’ll make your plumb bob.

27. You know, you really match my culturally constructed beauty standard .

28. Is that an increment borer in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

29. I must be an archeologist, Because I’m digging you.

30. I’d like to excavate your site.

31. Girl, you make this Homo erectus.

32. Can I touch your tanglible heritage?

33. How about we take tis to dance floor and I’ll sow you the Intertubercular Groove?

34. Hey, Can I probe your moist area?

35. I like my women like I like my DNA helicase – unzipping my genes.

36. You’re an osteologist? In that case, there’s a bone I’d like to show you.

37. You wanna pretend you are an archeologist and dust my bone?

38. Are you an archeologist? Because I have a new bone for you to discover.

39. Come here and let me demonstrate how to shovel probe.

40. Babe, I’ve just discovered a bone in my pants, and I was wondering if you could date it.

41. Are you an excavation site? Because I dig you.

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