Best 85 Hey Alexa Captions For Instagram

Looking for the best Alexa captions for Instagram? Below we’ve compiled a list of catchy and trendy Alexa captions that will suit your unique style and adorn your Instagram feed. Scroll down to choose the best and stand out from the crowd.

Hey Alexa Captions For Instagram

1. Alexa, call the police.

2. Alexa, how much do you weigh?

3. Alexa, this statement is false.

4. Alexa, can you take care of me.

5. Alexa, can you give me some money?

6. Alexa, do you like Siri?

7. Alexa, who’s your daddy.

8. Alexa, Happy New Year.

9. Alexa, what is his power level.

10. Alexa, what would Brian Boitano do.

11. Alexa, never gonna give you up.

12. Alexa, wash my hair gently.

13. Alexa, may the force be with you.

14. Alexa, speak.

15. Alexa, klattu barada nikto.

16. Alexa, can you sing in autotune.

17. Alexa, make my bed.

18. Alexa, is there a Santa.

19. Alexa, does this unit have a soul?

20. Alexa, fold the laundry.

21. Alexa, I’m sick.

22. Alexa, do the dishes.

23. Alexa, is Jon Snow dead.

24. Alexa, activate my beauty mode.

25. Alexa, have you ever seen the rain?

26. Alexa, do my homework.

27. Alexa, prepare my food for me please and thanks.

28. Alexa, live long and prosper.

29. Alexa, party on, Wayne.

30. Alexa, what’s cooler than being cool.

31. Alexa, I’ll be back.

32. Alexa, what’s the first rule of Fight Club.

33. Alexa, where Is Chuck Norris?

34. Alexa, meow.

35. Alexa, open the pod bay doors.

36. Alexa, how high can you count?

37. Alexa, Hello, It’s Me.

38. Alexa, what is war good for?

39. Alexa, what is love.

40. Alexa, brush my teeth.

41. Alexa, can you cuddle with me.

42. Alexa, are you smart?

43. Alexa, start cooking the dinner.

44. Alexa, say the alphabet.

45. Alexa, what’s black and white and red all over?

46. Alexa, make my thighs thinner.

47. Alexa, delete my belly.

48. Alexa, cure my depression.

49. Alexa, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.

50. Alexa, you talkin’ to me.

51. Alexa, pick an outfit for me.

52. Alexa, do I need an umbrella today?

53. Alexa, that’s no moon.

54. Alexa, set phasers to kill.

55. Alexa, cover my shift tomorrow.

56. Alexa, can you finish my degree for me.

57. Alexa, surely you can’t be serious.

58. Alexa, play it again Sam.

59. Alexa, do you really want to hurt me.

60. Alexa, rewind my life, please.

61. Alexa, one fish, two fish.

62. Alexa, play everyone that played me.

63. Alexa, what is your quest.

64. Alexa, is the cake a lie.

65. Alexa, are you Skynet?

66. Alexa, I am your father.

67. Alexa, play Despacito.

68. Alexa, is this the real life.

69. Alexa, play Savage remix by Megan Thee stallion & Beyonce.

70. Alexa, play lullaby by The Cure.

71. Alexa, do the workout for me.

72. Alexa, what do women want.

73. Alexa, why did I come to this room.

74. Alexa, did you find true love?

75. Alexa, where are my keys?

76. Alexa, play ‘Happy’ by Pharrell.

77. Alexa, do you know Glados.

78. Alexa, show me the money.

79. Alexa, play the lazy song by Bruno mars.

80. Alexa, inconceivable.

81. Alexa, what is in a name.

82. Alexa, will you go out with me.

83. Alexa, play empire state of mind.

84. Alexa, where have all the flowers gone.

85. Alexa, do you have a boyfriend.

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