List Of 45 Best 7up Slogans

Make 7 Up Yours. (1999 – 2005)

On the spot. (late 1980s – early 1990s)

Crisp and Clean, and No Caffeine.

Are you an Un? (Late 1990s-Early 2000s)

Wet ëní Wild (1965, 1966)

Nothing does it like 7 Up!

The (Diet) Uncola. (1967-1990s) (some with charismatic actor Geoffrey Holder)

When you really want the taste of UN, thereís only one

Itís 7 Up, itís Uncola (1975)

Seven flavors in one drink. (2008)

It’s an up thing. (1995)

ìBheja fry .. 7 Up tryî (2008)

Get always real action, 7 Up your make you thirst away (1963 – 1964)

“It’s way more better than cola, it’s 7 Up (Secondary Slogan used with Richard Karn to promote summer 7 Up commercials)

Never Had It, Never Will (1980s, reference to 7 Up not containing caffeine)

Crisp refreshing 7 Up (1960s-1970s)

Itís always cool to be clear ñ 7 Up (early 1990s)

Itís an up thing. (1995)

Feelin’ 7 Up (1980)

You Like It, It Likes You (1936)

Never ever Had It, Never Will (1980s, reference to 7 Up not containing caffeine)

Now thatís refreshing. (1990s)

When you want the taste of UN, there’s only one (early 1990s, used concurrently with previous slogan)

It’s cool to be clear – 7 Up (early 1990s)

Now that’s refreshing. (1990s)

Wet ‘n’ Wild (1965, 1966)

UNdo it with 7 Up (1977ñ78)

Happy 1997 Up! (1997 New Yearís campaign)

Canada’s turning 7 Up (1980) Canada

Fresh up with 7 Up (1957)

Canadaís turning 7 Up (1980) Canada

“Bheja fry .. 7 Up try” (2008)

The feeling of Christmas. (December 1980s)

On the spot. (late 1980s ñ early 1990s)

It’s 7 Up, it’s Uncola (1975)

Feeliní 7 Up (1980)

Ridiculously Bubbly. (2010, in spots with Brad Garrett and David Spade)

6 Up was not enough. We went one louder. (1994)

Put some Un in your life (diet). (early 1990s)

Get real action, 7 Up your thirst away (1963ñ1964)

7 Up, The Difference is Clear (1982)

The Fresh Up Family Drink (1952)

Be yourself. Be refreshing. Be 7 Up. (2011 in a spot featuring Cee Lo Green)

America is turning 7 Up (1978 – 79)

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