59 Friendship Quotes About Life To Share With Your Bestie

1. “My friends have made the story of my life.” ~ Helen Keller
2. “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” ~ Dale Carnegie
3. “Our friends interpret the world and ourselves to us, if we take them tenderly and truly.” ~ Amos Bronson Alcott
4. “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” ~ Arnold H. Glasgow
5. “Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you”, and proved it.” ~ Anonymous
6. “Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.” ~ Francesco Guicciardini
7. “Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.” ~ Richard Bach
8. “Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.” ~ Joseph Parry
9. “Friendship is another word for love.” ~ Anonymous
10. “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.” ~ George Washington
11. “The making of friends who are real friends is the best token we have of a man’s success in life.” ~ Edward Everett Hale
12. “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~ Audrey Hepburn
13. “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” ~ Oprah Winfrey
14. “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” ~ Anonymous
15. “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” ~ David Tyson
16. “Only a true friend would be that truly honest.” ~ Shrek
17. “It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts.” ~ J.M. Laurence
18. “Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.” ~ Ed Cunningham
19. “I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.” ~ Plutarch
20. “Friends are born, not made.” ~ Henry Adams
21. “No friendship is an accident.” ~ O. Henry, Heart of the West
22. “A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else.” ~ Len Wein
23. “Friends fill your life with joy, your soul with sunshine and your heart with love.” ~ Anonymous
24. “Friends should be like books, few, but hand-selected.” ~ C.J. Langenhoven
25. “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”—Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
26. “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” ~ Hubert H. Humphrey
27. “A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.” ~ Leo Buscaglia
28. “Friendship is sharing openly, laughing often, trusting always and caring deeply.” ~ Anonymous
29. “A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.” ~ Donna Roberts
30. “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ~ Linda Grayson
31. “Of all the things which wisdom provides to make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.” ~ Epicurus
32. “The real test of friendship is can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?”– Eugene Kennedy
33. “Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.” ~ William Arthur Ward
34. “True friendship ought never to conceal what it thinks.” ~ St. Jerome
35. “To be with old friends is very warming and comforting.” ~ Ian Ziering
36. “My friends are my estate.” ~ Emily Dickinson
37. “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12.”—Stand by Me
38. “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” ~ Euripides
39. “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ~ Carl Jung
40. “In this lifetime, if there’s anything you need, it’s a best friend.” ~ Lea Michele
41. “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” ~ Bernard Meltzer
42. “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” ~ Thomas Aquinas
43. “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” ~ Alice Walker
44. “When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier.”—Diane von Furstenburg
45. “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
46. “Hold a true friend with both your hands.” ~ Nigerian Proverb
47. “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” ~ Aristotle
48. “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~ Anais Nin
49. “Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” ~ Ally Condie
50. “Be slow to fall into friendship, but when you are in, continue firm and constant.” ~ Socrates
51. “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ~ Marcel Proust
52. “Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” ~ Mencius
53. “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” ~ Muhammad Ali
54. “A good friend can tell you what the matter with you is in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling.” ~ Arthur Brisbane
55. “Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is by far the best ending for one.” ~ Oscar Wilde
56. “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” – Abraham Lincoln
57. “Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. Don’t over-analyze your relationships. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness.” ~ Leo Buscaglia
58. “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” ~ Henry Ford
59. “I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.” ~ Katherine Mansfield

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